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Blue Smoke • Dolly Parton

Released June 9, 2014
Blue Smoke is a splendid continuation of this formidable woman’s talent, grace, wit and candour. There is no better or more genuine preacher than Parton.

“Parton’s voice is on fine, solemn and heart-breaking form throughout and soars on the album’s closer ‘Try’ where our heroine seeks to motivate and empower those that have fallen on difficult times.”

Not Just An Illusion: An Interview with Leee John

Body Talk.

David Robson interviews Leee John about his many years in the music industry as he talks Soul, Spandex and Sinitta.

“Sinitta never had the Diva voice. She could blend well and yes she can sing but, visually on stage she was so sexy and she’d just work it. We all had such laughs.”

Ray Stevens • Greatest Hits

Released 1987

Humourous satire is the key to the Ray Stevens collection, ‘Greatest Hits’. Classic Music Review.

“This compilation showcases the best of Ray’s early and mid-career numbers, both funny and a few serious moments sprinkled in.”