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The Marshall Mathers LP2 • Eminem

Released November 5, 2013
Little Bastard finds Eminem to be a beat poet at the top of his game and defends him against his detractors.

“Slim Shady, his violent alter ego, is not only the mouth piece for Eminem’s own frustration and anger, but also a mirror to society. Slim Shady is completely Eminem, whilst being the worst in all of us at the same time.”

Bad Marketing – On Self Promotion

All the Grindr vain, self-obsessed and obnoxious voices on Grindr.

The website doucebagsofgrindr.com is showing up the bad language and general offensiveness at play on the app Grindr.

There is a real twisted joy to seeing prime examples of this bad behaviour on the website www.douchebagsofgrindr.com. For the most part it is a thoroughly entertaining insight into the world of the vain and self-obsessed.