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T-Girls: Gender Outlaws

Diverse Identities.

The term T-girls celebrates a range of trans identities. Darius Amini’s exhibition, Gender Outlaws, celebrates the diversity of identity.

What Darius would really like people to take away from the exhibition is an increased awareness of the diversity within the T-Girl community, and to be surprised by that.

Polari Magazine’s News Stories of 2013

2013 News Stories.

From the pardon of Alan Turing to the death of Margaret Thatcher in the UK, to Trans* Rights and Employment Non-Discrimination in the US, this is a list of Polari Magazine’s Top News Stories from 2013.

No Comment

Nothing to Say.

It seems that nobody likes reading the comments section under articles, writes Polari’s editor, so why keep them?

“There will always be interesting points made in the comments section, just as there will always be interesting conversations in social media forums. But those comments are invariably buried under a torrent of dreck. The very immediacy of the comments section nurtures the instant, single-minded opinion.”

WTF?! Who types ‘drag acts doing julie burchill’ into Google?

Search terms that have led readers to Polari.

It’s madness, and part of Polari’s WTF Friday features. Julie Burchill drag, Achilles and gay poop.

“I can see the set now: a council estate on one side, a bottle of Cristal on the other, and a foul-mouthed drag queen in the middle shouting out insults at everyone in the crowd.”

The Unholy Trinity

Burchill, Bindel and Moore.

What happens now, asks Polari’s editor, in the wake of the controversy over Julie Burchill’s unhinged tirade against trans women?

“Instead of getting worked up over free speech, perhaps these writers should try showing some basic humanity, and recognising that this vile outburst is just not acceptable.”