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Ketevan • Katie Melua

Released September 16, 2013
Ketevan traces Melua’s steps back to her earlier work and there is an effortless fusion of pop, jazz, rock and blues.

“Ketevan takes Melua back to the peerless blueprint of her previous albums, incorporating contemporary songwriting, the distinctive Mike Batt production and the hallmark sincere, layered and compassionate vibrato Melua vocal.”

I Will Be There • Katie Melua

Released September 16, 2013
This tender and heart-warming ballad, underpinned by Melua’s compassionate vibrato and an orchestral arrangement, is a stunning tribute to the Queen.

“The first single from her sixth studio album Ketevan has the trademark soft and layered vocal, but showcases a more mature sound that featured on her last opus Secret Symphony.”

An Interview with Katie Melua

Walls of the World.

Polari Magazine interview with Katie Melua and talked to her about her album ‘Secret Symphony’, William Orbit and who she’d like to work with in the future.

“I’d love to work with Kate Bush. I’ve always loved her work and delighted with her new material too.”

Secret Symphony • Katie Melua

Released March 5, 2012

Nick Smith falls for the slow burning balladry of Katie Melua.

Not as much a sonic departure as was the case with The House, this flawless and mature collection of songs is more of a stellar return to form for this talented artist.