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Kiss Me Once • Kylie

Released March 17, 2014
Kiss Me Once is a crowd pleasing but uneven effort at maintaining Kylie’s status as pop’s eternal princess.

“This album sees Kylie again working with some of the most established writers and producers available, with reclusive pop extraordinaire herself Sia Furler curating the entire project.”

WTF is Kylie doing to me?

I Should Be So Lucky.

The new single from Kylie makes Rob Partridge reassess his standing as a curmudgeon, so much so that he wonders what power Kylie has over all ‘the gays’.

“You could say “she knows her audience” but given that her audience is predominately every gay male ever it still something of an achievement that she manages to constantly please us.”

Sing You Sinners: A Hitparade of Bad Romances

Bastian Korff

Bastian Korff headlines the RVT’s Hot August Fringe this Thursday, August 23.

Anti-Tour • Kylie

April 3, 2012

Kylie takes to the road with a collection of largely unknown songs.

“I feel like Kylie has dumbed herself down for the masses – trotting her feather boa’d showgirl alter ego out to an adoring public who love her for who she is, not for what she performs”

MDNA • Madonna

Released March 26, 2012

Madonna’s 12th studio album is an innovative and great pop album.

“MDNA is, in parts, quite self-referential but Madonna has always had her tongue firmly in cheek.”