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Kiss Me Once • Kylie

Released March 17, 2014
Kiss Me Once is a crowd pleasing but uneven effort at maintaining Kylie’s status as pop’s eternal princess.

“This album sees Kylie again working with some of the most established writers and producers available, with reclusive pop extraordinaire herself Sia Furler curating the entire project.”

Into The Blue • Kylie

4:10 min • Parlophone • March 9, 2014
‘Into The Blue’ is a disappointing first single when earlier preview tracks had indicated otherwise.

“In a U-Turn that can have only been inspired by record executive fear, the announcement that the FIRST single from the album would be ‘Into The Blue’ was made.”

One to Watch • Jain Wells

Human Behaviour.

Jain Wells’ debut single: distinctive vocals, intelligent lyrics and production that will appeal to the gay market, makes for a great combination.

“‘This Canadian born (already successful) writer, journalist and psychologist is also a singer songwriter and is preparing to launch her music career with her debut album To Be Real.”

Secret Codes and Battleships • Darren Hayes

Released on October 24, 2011

DarrenHayes returns with an album packed full of pop love songs that is wowing critics and fans alike.

“Hayes combines strong lyrics with unforgettable melodies. And this is an album of relentlessly beautiful melodies.”