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Snapshots of the Past: An Interview with Saint Etienne

In A London Cafe.

Saint Etienne talk about their new photo book, the appeal of London, and performing for charity as the follow-up act to a bunch of clowns.

“I found it emotional, yeah, but in a really joyous way. It was just really, really great. We laughed at a lot of pictures. It made you kind of go back and look at the time – and it made you think, ‘You know, we did a lot’.”

100 Beards -100 Days • Jonathan Daniel Pryce

All About Beards.

Jonathan Daniel Pryce spent 100 days between July & October photographing men with beards, from young tattooed hipsters to suited city gents.

Clementine • Live at Puppet Grinder Cabaret

See Clementine Live!!!

Clementine the Living Fashion Doll will be STARRING in the Puppet Grinder Cabaret on the 6th Nov at the Jacksons Lane Theatre in London.

Clementine’s Glamour News Flash • Trashing Tate

Clementine talks Tate

Clementine’s Glamour News Flash on two films being shown as part of the series Trashing Tate, at the Tate Modern, London, October 30 2011. Featuring Drag Show Video Vérité and Re.Act Feminism, Works from the Archives.

Naughty glamour computer!!!