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Teepee V • Eli Van Sickel

Released January 14, 2014
Eli Van Sickel’s Teepee V is his most expansive and diverse albums to date. It’s a complicated album, a mix of humor and sadness, originals and folk songs.

“If Nightlife and Middle West were concept albums, stories of people Eli knew or dreamed of, Teepee V is his autobiography, with him taking center stage.”

Nightlife • Eli Van Sickel

Released January 11, 2013
The latest release from Eli Van Sickel sees him stare into the dark night and find beauty there.

“Eli has delivered a masterpiece, a mix of traditional folk songs, his own originals, some unexpected experimental moments and a poet’s feel for the love and passion for the life under the moon.”

Beauty and the Night: An Interview with Eli Van Sickel


Walter Beck talks to independent folk musician Eli Van Sickel about his latest album Nightlife, his past records, and what the future holds.

“Bad experiences are worse at night. But by the same token, those deserted streets are also incredibly beautiful. And good experiences are always grander or ‘epic’ or bigger at night.”