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Comics Unmasked at the British Library

Comics Unmasked

British Library, London • Until August 19, 2014

Hugh Armitage takes at a look at the Comics Unmasked exhibition at the British Library and how the British comic has always been about the outsider.

“In the UK it has remained a largely marginalised medium, reserved for schoolchildren at best and ‘weirdos’ at worst. This underground quality has made it the perfect place for LGBT and other alternative content to thrive.”

That’s What The Obituary Said/Ten Suicides • Mike IX & the Southern Nihilism Front

Released October 6, 2009
That’s What The Obituary Said, Mike IX. This is a voice from the fringes of American society, & a vision of the outsider experience.

“Featuring Mike IX’s haunting vocals backed with ambient and harsh noise, this limited edition seven-inch record offers a savage glimpse into the mind of this New Orleans native..”

Sundance 2013: Travis Mathews on Being an Outsider

The Queer Creative Process.

Michael Langan talks to Travis Mathews from the 2013 Sundance Film Festival: on the creative process and being an outsider.

“The experience with Interior. Leather Bar – the experience of it happening so very quickly – didn’t allow time to worry or ruminate on choices. This was new to me and I was happy, and maybe surprised, to see that my gut instincts are right more often than not.”