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Valentine’s Day • Pansy Division

Released January 1996
Pansy Division’s Valentine’s Day takes a humorous stab at love, lust, and loneliness, backed with their signature brand of poppy punk rock.

“Soaked in Pansy Division’s signature sauce of pop-flavored power chord punk rock, backed with Ginoli’s snarky humor, the title cut tells the story of what should really be called ‘Single Awareness Day’.”

For Those About To Suck Cock … We Salute You EP • Pansy Division

Released August, 1996
A fitting tribute to the metal gods of old, and a powerful cry against laws that criminalized gay sex.

“Pansy Division have delivered a fitting tribute to the metal gods of old and the long-haired ten percenters who love their heavy sound.”

Rock ‘N’ Roll Pride: Or Why Blasting Ministry’s Psalm 69 is a Better Fix than a Club Jukebox Blaring Madonna

There’s More to Queer Than Pop Divas.

There is more to queer music than the officially sanctioned slick-pop, says Walter Beck. There is an alternative.

“We stayed up most of the night making picket signs and getting ready. You think we were blasting Lady Gaga? Fuck no! We were getting ready to face the craziest bastards on the religious fringe to 100db of MC5’s Kick Out the Jams.”

Dookie • Green Day

Released February 1, 1994.
Green Day. Dookie. A loud, rock ‘n’ roll pop record that flew in the face of the seriousness of grunge & alternative & was just fun.

“When this album came out in 1994, grunge was still king and this album tore it down and left it to stagger along with a noticeable limp.”

Undressed • Pansy Division

Released March, 1993

This is out and proud gay punk, completely up front and not hiding behind metaphors.

“It’s the defiance and frankness of the lyrics that sets this album apart from the catalogue of ‘gay music’. Up until this point, most songs catering to a gay audience were soaked in metaphor and coded lyrics.”