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Maggie & Martin: You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You’re Drunk

You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You’re Drunk.

Maggie & Martin celebrate LGBT History Month with Polari by sharing an exclusive cover version.

Goodbye To All That • Cold Blood Club

Released July 2, 2013
The new single from Cold Blood Club is a change of direction but one that had lost the band some of its edge.

“Previously their sound was predominately electronic of the grimier indie variety but with a few live instruments thrown in for good measure. ‘Goodbye To All That’ plays down the synths and turns up the jangly guitar.”

Electric • Pet Shop Boys

Released July 15, 2013
Electric is a return to form for the Pet Shop Boys. It’s a distinctive, sparking, intelligent and brilliant pop record.

“With Stuart Price’s bombastic, detailed and hugely gratifying production, this is an album that will see fans who have drifted from the fold instantly and overwhelmingly connecting with.”

An Interview With The Presets

The Presets

Julian Hamilton of The Presets talks to Little Bastard about their album Pacifica, music, their writing process and their gay fans.

“The gay scene were early Presets adopters, and some of the first shows we did in the States were at gay pride and leather marches and stuff.”

Featured Song – Day 23

Pet Shop Boys, The Truck-Driver And His Mate

The Readers Wifes twenty-third choice of song with LGBT significance: Pet Shop Boys, The Truck-Driver And His Mate. For 2012 LGBT History Month.

“A great big howling BRUTE of a record it’s the closest we’ll probably ever get to hearing the fellas ROCK OUT.”

One Year On: Clayton Littlewood

Catching up with Clayton Littlewood one year on.

A year after first interviewing Clayton Littlewood, Polari Magazine talks to the writer about the stage play of Dirty White Boy and the possibilities for a sequel.

When all those celebrities got in contact I thought, ‘That’s it. I’ve made it.’ But when famous people get in contact it’s just like anyone else taking the time out to say they liked your work.

Yes • Pet Shop Boys

Released on March 23rd, 2009

The Pet Shop Boys return with a contemporary and accessible album.

If the album’s common sound is mesmerizing techno-pop, then the common subject matter is not unlike any other Pet Shop Boys endeavour. Yes sees Tennant and Lowe wax lyrical about excessive materialism, inane celebrity, climate change and love.