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Valencia: The Movie/s

Cert: 18 • US: 105 min • Radar Productions • June, 2013

Multiple directors, multiple actors, and Angelina Jolie make Valencia: The Movie/s a mirror to our own, hot, dirty, radical queer lives.

“It’s hard not to feel personally invested in this film. Michelle Tea’s messy, drunk memoirs became a metaphor for so many of us dirty queers, with its bad-choice adventures, stone cold girlfriends, hot bartenders, poetry and sex work. “

Striving For Perfection • An Interview with The Horn The Hunt

Chasing Wild Horses.

Clare Carter of The Horn The Hunt talks about the band’s unique sound, and how the upcoming third album promises a big creative leap.

“I can’t say too much about it. It has a title but I want to keep it under wraps for the moment. We’ve only just finished it and we’re not 100% sure when it’s going to be released or who’s releasing it. All I can say is that it’s like the description we started this interview with”