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Beyoncé • Beyoncé

66:35 min • Parkwood / Columbia • December 13, 2013
The surprise release from Beyoncé is probably the first time in her career that she can truly be seen as an artist. Not commercial but a soul opus.

“Beyoncé raps and purrs, and whilst her voice is in solid shape, there’s little of the vocal gymnastics we’ve come to expect from her. This album is not about booty shaking, getting to number one and showing off her vocal range. This album is about the music and the artistry.”

Dirty Gold (Deluxe Edition) • Angel Haze

Released November 05, 2013
Angel Haze started out as an exciting prospect, and so why does her first official album release sound like a step backwards?

“It’s maybe important to point out that the deluxe version of this album contains 4 of the most compelling, sonically challenging and vibrant tracks contained under the Dirty Gold banner.”

Britney Jean • Britney Spears

Released November 29, 2013
With a co-writing credit on every track, Britney Jean is not a return to Britney the Pop Princess, but the dawn of Britney the woman.

Britney Jean feels to me like the first album Britney has had any control over since her highly publicised breakdown and heavy sedation.”

Pulling Her Hair Back: An Interview with Jessy Lanza

Production Value.

Andrew Darley talks to Jessy Lanza about her love of music, and what it’s like for a woman to be a producer in a man’s world.

“The public can be sexist about what they consider women can do in music. It isn’t a huge surprise to me though, people see me and think “Oh you’re a musician, you must be a singer”. I’m always pretty quick to correct them..”