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Oil & Steel: An Interview with Fredrik Kinbom

Steel & Oil

Fredrik Kinbom’s second album Oil is expressive and cinematic. Andrew Darley talks to him about his creative process and how a drunken encounter on a bus in Brighton brought him to the instrument that has shaped his music since.

“I find it much more expressive than a normal guitar. The fact that there are no frets, its sensitivity to touch, turns it into it a more direct expressive instrument … like the human voice.”

Polari Magazine’s Favourite Albums of 2013

Music 2013.

From lo-fi to hi-fi, piano to punk rock, this is a selection of Polari Magazine’s Favourite Music of 2013.

Upon Ayr • Fletcher

Released May 27, 2013
Upon Ayr by Fletcher. Marcus Reeves is impressed by Ben Fletcher’s debut album, which has great sensitivity, feeling and authenticity. .

“If this is what Fletcher can produce by polishing up his ‘demos’, it would be interesting to see what he might do with a big budget, but it is perhaps the limitations imposed on the recordings and his ‘one man band’ aesthetic that has made the album such an impressive and focused collection..”

I Awake • Sarah Blasko

Released April 8, 2013
Sarah Blasko’s fourth album explores the joys and struggles involved in finding oneself, and is her best yet.

“I Awake is Sarah Blasko’s most fully-realised and compelling offering to date. The album is expansive in its approach, the music and the sentiments she devolves through it. Her writing has reached a place where it holds a mirror up to herself and her audience.”

Seeker Lover Keeper • Seeker Lover Keeper

Released April 2, 2012

Debut release from Autralian supergroup Seeker Lover Keeper.

“This collection of songs contains some beautiful, heart wrenching and interesting material.”