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1000 Forms Of Fear • Sia

Released July 7, 2014
On 1000 Forms Of Fear, Sia shows that she has kept some of her best songs thus far very close to her own chest. Her loudest cry for self-recognition so far.

“When individual songs or the extremely strong middle section are played in isolation this is indeed some of the most warming but persistently dark and potent music that Sia has both written and performed.”

Kiss Me Once • Kylie

Released March 17, 2014
Kiss Me Once is a crowd pleasing but uneven effort at maintaining Kylie’s status as pop’s eternal princess.

“This album sees Kylie again working with some of the most established writers and producers available, with reclusive pop extraordinaire herself Sia Furler curating the entire project.”

Into The Blue • Kylie

4:10 min • Parlophone • March 9, 2014
‘Into The Blue’ is a disappointing first single when earlier preview tracks had indicated otherwise.

“In a U-Turn that can have only been inspired by record executive fear, the announcement that the FIRST single from the album would be ‘Into The Blue’ was made.”

Beyoncé • Beyoncé

66:35 min • Parkwood / Columbia • December 13, 2013
The surprise release from Beyoncé is probably the first time in her career that she can truly be seen as an artist. Not commercial but a soul opus.

“Beyoncé raps and purrs, and whilst her voice is in solid shape, there’s little of the vocal gymnastics we’ve come to expect from her. This album is not about booty shaking, getting to number one and showing off her vocal range. This album is about the music and the artistry.”

Dirty Gold (Deluxe Edition) • Angel Haze

Released November 05, 2013
Angel Haze started out as an exciting prospect, and so why does her first official album release sound like a step backwards?

“It’s maybe important to point out that the deluxe version of this album contains 4 of the most compelling, sonically challenging and vibrant tracks contained under the Dirty Gold banner.”

Wish Bone • Oh Land

47:42 min • Federal Prism • September 24, 2013
Oh Land’s Wish Bone: the promise of something both unexpected and immediately compelling is met almost without exception.

“Oh Land, like several similar acts, has been on the periphery of this greatness for a little while now but Wish Bone sees her nudge her way into this very special group with an album that, in addition to cementing her own unique identity, is a delirious and thoughtful collection of pop beauty.”

Dreamchaser • Sarah Brightman

Released January 29, 2013
An impeccably chosen, and beautifully interpreted, album of covers. All hail the queen of the P’Opera!

“She’s utterly bonkers, and not only announced last year she has plans to be the first person to ever sing from space (!!!) she is also about to release her 11th studio album, Dreamchaser, to accompany her bizarre space mission … and it’s possibly the best P’Opera crossover album ever made..”