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As Is • The Sulkies

Released April 5, 2013
As Is, from The Sulkies, is truly a treat, mixing incendiary queer politics with a raw, primitive industrial sound.

“The Sulkies’ debut album is a masterpiece; a noisy, punk-influenced manifesto raising the middle finger to homophobes, sexists, and anybody who stands in the way of the individual. “

Pissed • PissArtist

14.47 min • Dead Rodent Records • March 1, 2012

PissArtist is a group of five angry young men dedicated to putting the sting and bite back into the fledging Midwestern punk scene.

“The band’s sound comes off like the bastard three way love child of Minor Threat, Motorhead and early Corrosion of Conformity.”

Coming Out Stories: Life After Death

Michael Langan Writes His Coming Out Story.

Polari Magazine series where its readers and writers tell their coming out stories.

“It’s easier to be gay when you’re a pop star than when you’re a person, and it’s on the level of the person that telling our coming out stories still has significance.”