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The Architect: An Interview with Wallis Bird

The Architect.

Wallis Bird’s fourth album, Architect, is an examination of self and the space it inhabits. We talk to her about the foundations upon which it was built.

“I realised that through my own rootlessness and migrational lifestyle, I was only identified by what I was wearing … so it led me to self-search, seek home.”

2012 Retrospective 3: Music

2012 Retrospective

The Editor looks back at the year 2012 in Polari and how it has explored the LGBT subculture. Part 3: Music.

Podcast #002

Wallis Bird, Alp Haydar and Weekend

The second Polari Magazine podcast features interviews with Alp Haydar, Andrew Haigh, the director of Weekend, and Chris New, one of the film’s two main characters. With music by Wallis Bird.

Wallis Bird • Wallis Bird

Released March 12, 2012

The third album from Wallis Bird is a tumultuous and epic journey. First rate.

“This is late night folk, in a dark room with your window cracked.”