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Future Souls • Uh Huh Her

Released March 25, 2014
The latest album from Uh Huh Her, Future Souls, is a concession to the dance floor as well as a continuation of their elegant, electro-pop sound.

“For a dance album it’s maybe surprising that the two best songs on Future Souls are the most introverted and intimate.”

Britney Jean • Britney Spears

Released November 29, 2013
With a co-writing credit on every track, Britney Jean is not a return to Britney the Pop Princess, but the dawn of Britney the woman.

Britney Jean feels to me like the first album Britney has had any control over since her highly publicised breakdown and heavy sedation.”

Warrior • Ke$ha

November 30, 2012

Innovation and Reinvention, the key to sustaining a pop career. And Ke$ha proves she can do it, says Little Bastard.

“A young girl with a music obsession, who cut herself open and bleed out her funk driven influences, through her debut album, to the reissue titled Cannibal, and now with new album Warrior, Ke$ha has remained true to herself throughout, whilst still evolving in style.”