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Record:BREAKUP Live And Acoustic • Declan Bennett

Released August 19, 2013
Declan Bennett’s superb acoustic rendering of Record:BREAKUP. “Fuck Lady Gaga and her ridiculously painted face, THIS is Art Pop.”

“I was at the recording of this Live and Acoustic album, as the guest of a lovely friend, (I think you can actually hear me “Woo” after ‘The Longer I Leave It’…tragic!) and having loved Record:Breakup I was interested to hear what these beautiful songs would sound like acoustically.”

Wine and Roses • Steven Garrett

Released June 1, 2013
Wine and Roses blends future hip hop with pop soul creating the perfect after hours chill-out album.

“There’s a soul edge to his voice, and a pop edge to the songwriting on display here, which makes him feel like an indie Will Young, if he’d smoked more weed…”

Funny Peculiar, The Autobiography – Will Young

288 pages • Sphere • October 11, 2012 [HB]

Will Young isn’t exactly what you’d call normal … surely a compliment in this day and age … and this is no normal autobiography

“Will has a way of recounting a story that not only brings out the insane humour of each situation, by also giving us an insight into his constant internal dialogue, but also getting his teeth into you and not letting you go.”


150 min • Savoy Theatre • From October 3, 2012

Rufus Norris’ Cabaret, with Michelle Ryan and Will Young, dazzles and impresses Little Bastard.

“The ensemble seems to have been stripped down, and whilst looking slightly thin on the ground, each section is danced flawlessly, with the perfect balance of technical ability and debauchery.”