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Meds • Etta Bond x Raf Riley

Released August 8, 2013
Little Bastard says that it’s the best best EP of the year and he can’t believe it’s free.

“Meds is less harsh than its predecessor, even when the tempo shifts it’s still far more “coming up in the toilets” than “burning a hole in the dancefloor”.”

Emergency Room • Etta Bond x Raf Riley

Released July 20, 2012 on digital download: www.emergency-room.co.uk

This is harsh, dark dubstep, an exercise in sonic intimidation … and it’s free to download!

“With its dark, harsh dubstep and the psychotic ‘single white female’ intro before it, we get a totally different take on rejection. You really don’t want to mess with Etta Bond, boys and girls.”