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We Need to Talk About Grindr by Dame Effie Sprinkle IV

Hook up … or not!

Dame Effie Sprinkle casts an eye over Grindr, the hook-up of app that makes it possible to put cruising at the centre of your life, whenever and wherever.

“While I suspect Grindr has caused gay men to have a lot more sex than ever before in history, for every successful hook-up, there will have been at least 10 failed ones.”


Sins Against Gay Men.

Have you been sinned against by a vicious, homophobic state? Take heart as Dame Effie proposes an election year reparation plan.

The Grindr Report: Before Clark Rockerfeller

Straight Sex with Gay men.

Symonne Torpy writes about life inside the closet before Clark, without a nom de plume, and having sex with gay men.

“The math is simply calculated by taking eighteen as the age of the legal clubbing debut, giving him five years to have fucked and been fucked – and conservatively multiplying this by forty – allowing for a weekly one night stand minus days off for illness or the holiday season.”

The Grindr Report: Adult Themes

Instalment III: The world of ‘Wet and Messy’ (WAM).

Clark Rockerfeller, the virtual gay man trapped inside a woman’s body, learns from ‘Adult Themes’ about food play.

“Yes, the foreplay was protracted – an unspoken decision to get the pipes warmed up and the fruit pre-juiced before abandoning our own right hand/fruit/apendage trifecta, for a menage-a-six: two dicks, two tongues, a pineapple and a banana.”

2012 Retrospective 4: Real People

2012 Retrospective

The Editor looks back at the year 2012 in Polari and how it has explored the LGBT subculture. Part 4: Real People.

The Grindr Report: My Months as a Marilyn

Instalment II: Richard Westin (June 2012)

In the second instalment of this new column, Symonne Torpy continues the story of her life on Grindr as Clark Rockerfeller, the virtual gay man trapped inside a woman’s body.

“Five dates, fourteen bottles of red and too much gay sex later, Richard Westin was beginning to crumble.”

The Grindr Report: Meet Clark Rockerfeller

In the first instalment of this new column, The Grindr Report, meet Clark Rockerfeller, the virtual gay man trapped inside a woman’s body.

” I am a gay man inside a woman’s body. And thus, the story begins. Cloaked and manufactured and glittery.”

The Final Casualty

Nothing In Common.

Scott De Buitléir writes about ditching his Grindr profile, realising that he was not meeting anyone he had anything in common with.

“He was the final breath of my Grindr days …”

Going Against The Grind(r)

How do you find Mr Virtual Right?

What has happened to the chat-up line, or the simple ‘hi’, asks Scott De Buitléir, in the days of internet/app dating?

“Yet for all the issues I could have with dating apps, on that Friday night in Dublin city, I didn’t even have the choice – my phone was dead.”

Hunx And His Punx • Gig

Hunx And His Punx, May 12, 2012

Little Bastard gets manhandled at Hunx’s Shacklewell Arms gig… and he liked it!

“Hunx could give Jake Shears and Ana Matronic a lesson in stagecraft and musicianship, and would probably scare the shit out of Rufus Wainwright, and that’s right up my dark, beer stained alley..”