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I Am Happiness On Earth • Competition


WIN I Am Happiness on Earth, a film by Julián Hernández, released by Peccadillo Pictures.

Getting Go: An Interview with Cory Krueckeberg

Reality Go-Go.

Cory Krueckeberg talks about Getting Go: The Go Doc Project and the ways in which we look not for the real but the ideal in a culture dominated by social media.

“It’s crucial to maintain your own identity so when I say I want to bridge the gap between queer and mainstream cinema I want to gay stories with a gay point of view but make them something the mass audience will want to see and not just a gay audience.”

A Portrait of James Dean Joshua Tree, 1951 Competition

A Portrait of James Dean.

Win a copy of the Peccadillo Pictures DVD ‘A Portrait of James Dean Joshua Tree 1951’.

My Friend From Faro

Cert:15 • Germany: 90 min • Westdeutscher Rundfunk • May 16, 2011 [DVD]

A film about the labels we use to define life & love featuring a clever script, great direction & superb acting.

“My Friend from Faro is a film about discovery, naming, family, and love. Although it draws comparison with Boys Don’t Cry, it isn’t anywhere near as harrowing.”


Cert:15 • Fr: 103 min • Princes Films • February 11, 2013 (DVD)

This is a film about finding happiness not in the places you are looking but inside of you.

“At times restless and wild, others introverted and depressed, as the film progresses she slowly unravels, leading the gypsy community to think she needs a priest, not a doctor.”

Competition • North Sea Texas

Win Peccadillo Pictures’ North Sea Texas on DVD

Who wrote the book, that North Sea Texas was adapted from?

Pout Film Festival 2012

This years line up from the annual film festival from Peccadillo Pictures

“Many of the films have cast and crew in attendance at their screenings and the festival is a must for anyone interested in contemporary queer film.”

Boys On Film: Cruel Britannia

Cert:18 • UK: 150 min • Peccadillo Pictures • May 28, 2012

This collection of 10 short films from young UK talent is deftly curated.

“If these are the stories they want to tell and make, then I am confident that the future of British queer cinema is in very capable hands.”

Interview: North Sea Texas

A Film of Firsts

In an interview of many laughs with the director, producer and star of North Sea Texas we talked about the difficulties of funding gay films and the creative process behind it.

“It’s a remarkable film made more remarkable by the fact that it was Jelle’s first role as an actor, first feature film for director Bavo, and first feature for Yves as producer.”