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Flat 10 • Nick Brewer

Released September 15, 2013
Nick Brewer’s Flat 10 is an intense, 7 track EP, a collection of chilled-out rap with a message..

“‘Every word that Brewer says on this EP comes from his heart, and is said to make a change – whether it just be to one person or people at large, and that I have a lot of respect for.”

Speech Debelle • Gig

Speech Debelle, February 23, 2012

Polari’s reviewer Little Bastard relishes in the political bitemarks to be had at Speech Debelle’s Jazz Café gig

“Dressed in a t-shirt and a pair of combat trousers, she bounded around the stage, not so much with energy, but with purpose. She was here to get her message heard, and no one was going to leave without getting that message.”