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National Theatre • Edward II • Competition

Edward II

Win tickets to see the National Theatre’s Edward II

Cumming of Age: Erotica

Cumming of Age: Erotica.

Little bastard in conversation with DJ, David Robson discuss Madonna’s commercial flop Erotica and the event taking place on Sunday August 18 which celebrates this forgotten album whilst raising money and awareness for HIV charity St. Stephens…

“From a young age I used to listen to Like A Virgin and I remember turning round to my Gran and saying, “What’s a virgin?” and my Gran would shit herself…”

Applause • Lady Gaga

Released August 12, 2013
Lady Gaga is over. And Lady Gaga is reborn writes Andrew Darley.

“It’s no secret that Andy Warhol has been one of Gaga’s key muses and this album sets to be her most thorough reference and interpretation of his work yet.”

Meds • Etta Bond x Raf Riley

Released August 8, 2013
Little Bastard says that it’s the best best EP of the year and he can’t believe it’s free.

“Meds is less harsh than its predecessor, even when the tempo shifts it’s still far more “coming up in the toilets” than “burning a hole in the dancefloor”.”

Versions • Zola Jesus

Released August 19, 2013
With Versions, Zola Jesus delivers a deft and magical re-imagining of some of her best songs.

“Irrespective of whether the music was made in her bedroom by herself, or the bigger productions of her more recent work; there has always been inherent grandeur and touch of drama to Zola Jesus.”

Villains: Vladimir Putin

The Russian Bear Roars.

Rebel Scum gets a fly-on-the-wall look behind Putin’s homophobic policies and finds opportunism and ambitious underlings …

“Comrade, it is your chance to show all of Russia that you oppose the decadence of the West, and to restore the confidence of a populace grown fat with a yearning for McNuggets and the films of Bruce Willis.”

Meanwhile… in an Edinburgh Megastore

August 14, 2013

The queers are getting ready to protest… if they get that far! Polari Safari cartoon by David Shenton..

The B52s • An Interview

Love Shack(s).

Andi Fraggs talks to Kate Pierson from the B52s and partner Monica Coleman about hotels, Airstreams, and the ‘Love Shack’ video.

“We really put our heart and soul into creating our lodging – and I think this authenticity shows through in the hotels – we’re not a cookie cutter corporate hotel with the same dresser and artwork in every room across the country.”

Postiljonen • Skyer

Released July 22, 2013
With their album Postiljonen, Skyer reaches great heights writes Andrew Darley.

“It’s true that Skyer does not break the musical mould of what has come and past. Nor does it intend to do so. What it does, however, rewardingly offer to those willing to listen is a solid 40 minutes of joyous escapism.”

Body Music • AlunaGeorge

68:05 min • Island • July 26, 2013
The in-demand AlunaGeorge have a clearly idenitifiable sound, and Aluna Francis has an engaging, charismatic voice.

“There’s no doubt that half of this album is brilliant and it’s most certainly the first half. The concern for AlunaGeorge will be where to go now with their sound.”