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To Have And To Hold

September 4, 2013

The best thing about ‘gay marriage’ is … Polari Safari cartoon by David Shenton.

Introducing: Hall of Mirrors

Different Perspectives.

Andrew Darley talks to Marco Lawrence, the man behind Hall of Mirrors, a new voice in electronic music.

“Artists like Depeche Mode, Austra, M83, and iamamiwhoami have definitely influenced my production. I think they are great examples of electronic musicians who make music that is danceable while also still having a lot of beautiful and ethereal sounds behind it.”

Clementine Announces: Varla Jean Merman

Clementine on Varla.

Clementine Announces Varla Jean Merman at the Leicester Square Theatre September 19-21 2013, with Well Strung.

Fallen Land: An Interview with Patrick Flanery

The Future of America.

Author Patrick Flanery talks about his novel Fallen Land, a fascinating exploration at what happens to the individual in corporate America.

“I wanted to introduce a same sex-couple into that world to see what the response of their neighbours might be. Even the response of the ostensibly liberal family, who are suddenly feeling themselves to be at risk, and see risk everywhere.”

Record:BREAKUP Live And Acoustic • Declan Bennett

Released August 19, 2013
Declan Bennett’s superb acoustic rendering of Record:BREAKUP. “Fuck Lady Gaga and her ridiculously painted face, THIS is Art Pop.”

“I was at the recording of this Live and Acoustic album, as the guest of a lovely friend, (I think you can actually hear me “Woo” after ‘The Longer I Leave It’…tragic!) and having loved Record:Breakup I was interested to hear what these beautiful songs would sound like acoustically.”

Plan B at Shepherd’s Bush Empire

90 min • Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London • August 29, 2013

With no swearing, as the gig launched O2’s 4G network, Ben Drew laid on a set of PG crowd pleasers with a twist.

“The crowd around me consisted of Strickland Banks fans, teenage girls, and a middle-aged woman who kept screaming, “Ben, come and sit on my face!” I have no idea how he managed to refuse …”

Three • Charlotte Church

Released August 19, 2013
Three firmly cements Charlotte Church’s transition from pop starlet to ambient siren. A strong collection of beautiful and innovative songs.

“Now on her 3rd self-released EP, titled Three, Charlotte has banished her previous child prodigy persona and undergone a stunning ambient makeover worthy of the most authentic of artists.”

Call Girl

Sweden / Norway / Finland / Ireland: 140 min • GarageFilm International • August 16, 2013

There are strong performances in this exposé of 1970s high-class prostitution ring in Sweden but in its attempt to capture all the angles it loses some of its impact.

Call Girl opens with a declaration that it is based on true events. It centres on the political scandal now known as Bordellhärvan, which involved an active sex trafficking group involving underage girls, whose customers were from the highest ranks of Swedish society and government..”

Ultraista Remixes • Ultraista

44:42 min • Mute • September 9, 2013
A remix album that surpasses the original recording is a rarity, yet Ultraista Remixes is the ideal companion piece, bringing out the necessary colour and bite.

“In many ways a template for the successful remix project, Ultraista have proved that there is still life in what is a really a marketing tool if quality control is paramount and the DNA of the original material remains.”

Close • Kim Wilde

Reissued September 02, 2013
The 25th anniversary release of Kim Wilde’s Close breathes life into this crossover album and is packed with an extra disc of b-sides and remixes.

“A quarter of a century later, Close is still a feisty and sincere collection of songs that many of her peers would be proud of.”