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40 Years Of ‘Mastermind’ – Part 1

September 25, 2013

Celebrate 40 years of Mastermind and that lovely black leather chair. Polari Safari cartoon by David Shenton.

Inside The Outside: An Interview with Glasser


Andrew Darley talks to Glasser about making her second album Interiors, a record that explores the physical and emotional world.

“I think my first album came out wonderfully but sometimes I think about how simple the process was compared to this one. With Interiors, it was a much more complicated process and every single sound felt like a life or death decision.”

Queer Lisboa

An Interview with João Ferreira.

João Ferreira, Queer Lisboa’s Festival Director, talks about how queer cinema is changing and how it remains a culture founded on desire.

“The idea was to have a very diverse programme that doesn’t look at gay or queer cinema in a narrow way but finds narratives and aesthetics that could also be called queer. We try to forget the labels and look for queerness in all kinds of films.”

Loved Me Back To Life • Celine Dion

Released September 1, 2013
Sia’s melodies are unmistakable, and Celine’s voice sails over the syncopated drums and strings. It’s match made in heaven.

“‘Love Me Back To Life’ was a complete surprise. I’d heard a rumour it had a “dubstep beat”, which could either have been an amazing decision, or the musical version of “mutton dressed as lamb”.”

Wish Bone • Oh Land

47:42 min • Federal Prism • September 24, 2013
Oh Land’s Wish Bone: the promise of something both unexpected and immediately compelling is met almost without exception.

“Oh Land, like several similar acts, has been on the periphery of this greatness for a little while now but Wish Bone sees her nudge her way into this very special group with an album that, in addition to cementing her own unique identity, is a delirious and thoughtful collection of pop beauty.”

Broken Promise Land • Claire

Released September 24, 2013
The Broken Promise Land EP is a picture of a band in their teething stages with an ability to create well-produced and enjoyable pop songs.

“Although the EP has moments of beauty and strong melodies, the band is short on their own identity and sound. They are essentially having fun making music together similar to that they themselves listen to.”

Interview: Meital Dohan

Give Us Back Love.

Polari Magazine chats with the multi-talented Meital Dohan about music, writing plays, Israel and her role in Weeds.

“I think I’m like a gay guy, myself. I’m very … gay.”

Edward II

180 min • National Theatre, London • From August 28 – October 26 , 2013

This is an Edward II for a contemporary audience. Bold, funny, insightful.

“Kyle Soller’s Gaveston is all confident swagger and sex appeal. He strides onto the stage and embraces Edward in a way that declares that that this is not a fraternal bond but a sexual one.”

Tookah • Emiliana Torrini

Released September 09, 2013
Tookah is an impressive return for Emiliana Torrini. It is more experimental, personal and has a timely, autumnal feel.

“The lead single, ‘Speed Of Dark’ is an epic pop crossover and is pure audio mescaline. It’s easy to become enchanted with its ’80s synth feel and the track harks back to the days of Ladytron with a smattering of Siouxsie Sioux.”

Hesitation Marks • Nine Inch Nails

Released August 30, 2013
Hesitation Marks, the ninth studio album from the resurrected Nine Inch Nails, is a bold step forward for Trent Reznor.

“Trent Reznor is no longer the angry young man who created the violent masterpieces of Broken and The Downward Spiral, he’s a middle-aged musician who has lived through hell and back and is trying to find his voice again. “