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Home Aged and the 18 Month Hope • COUM Transmissions

Released October 29, 2013
From the archives of notorious performance art group COUM Transmissions, Home Aged and the 18 Month Hope features interviews, poetry, and sound experiments.

“This album shows the peak and eventual end of one of the most transgressive art groups of the 20th century. The mix of sonic experiments, poetry, and interviews offers a rare public glimpse into the world of these weird artists.”

Dirty Gold (Deluxe Edition) • Angel Haze

Released November 05, 2013
Angel Haze started out as an exciting prospect, and so why does her first official album release sound like a step backwards?

“It’s maybe important to point out that the deluxe version of this album contains 4 of the most compelling, sonically challenging and vibrant tracks contained under the Dirty Gold banner.”

I’d Rather Fight Than Swish • B. Bubba

Released August, 1964
From Camp Records, the home of queer novelty songs recorded under pseudonyms, B. Bubba’s ‘I’d Rather Fight than Swish’ is about accepting your inner gay.

“The lyrics were considered raunchy for the time and even today, they would probably be considered offensive, given that they satirize violence and the hero of the song is a stereotypical effeminate pansy character. But it’s an important part of American queer history.”

Villains: United for Life Ethiopia

United for the Death Penalty.

Rebel Scum takes a look at how meddling in African politics by the usual suspects from the US Christian Right is on the way to bringing in the death penalty for homosexuality in Ethiopia.

“Homosexuality is coming! It’s a pandemic! Do you want to spend endless days of chanting ‘Born This Way’ and watching reruns of Project Runway? No! Defend your way of life.”

Official Redundant Environmental Agency Boys in Waders Calendar 2014

January 8, 2014

Official Redundant Environmental Agency Boys in Waders Calendar 2014 . Polari Safari by David Shenton. Polari Safari by David Shenton.

Local Government Sub Committee

December 18, 2013

How the Local Government Sub Committee handles New Year celebrations. Polari Safari by David Shenton.

Top 10 Unsung Records of 2013

Music listened to but not written about in 2013.

There are more new albums to listen to every week than one person can listen. Here Andrew Darley selects 10 that we listened to but didn’t write about in 2013.