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Stay Down, Faggot – IDAHO(T) 2014

IDAHOT 2014.

To mark IDAHO(T) 2014, Polari’s editor recalls the homophobic attack that he and his partner endured on his birthday, the day after IDAHO 2013.

“I was thumped to the ground, and kicked; when I tried to get up the more aggressive of the three yelled, ‘Stay down, faggot’.”

Through His Representatives God Voted “No” – IDAHO(T) 2014

Sermon only

In the Church of the Half Loaf, “listen to the sermon, and keep your faggy mouths shut” …

“It’s also an exercise in bargain basement American Christian morality; they can pat themselves on the back and say ‘look, at least we let them in the building and listen to the sermons instead of just throwing them out, see what good Christians we are.'”

Diploid Love • Brody Dalle

Released April 28, 2014
The first solo record from the exceptional Brody Dalle, Diploid Love, is a marvel as well as a creative jump. Highly recommended.

“On lead single and album highpoint ‘Meet The Foetus/Oh The Joy’, Brody brings in Garbage’s frontwoman Shirley Manson. The two singers go full force and it is unquestionably one of the most electrifyingly ecstatic pieces of music Dalle has ever written.”

Girls Talk • Garbage with Brody Dalle

Released May 6, 2014
Previously only released as 10″ vinyl single, the powerful Girls Talk from Garbage, with vocals from Brody Dalle, is now available to all. Brilliant.

“What makes the song particularly powerful is the vocal feature of fellow female rock figure Brody Dalle. Side by side, the two singers rail against the naysayers in life and Dalle brings her goosebump-inducing roar.”


Cert: 15 • UK: 85 min • Lionsgate Films • April 18, 2014

Following Ivan Locke’s journey on the M6 from Birmingham to London, Locke is an intense film about one man’s life unravelling.

“Tom Hardy gives an absorbing and natural performance. Looking boyishly handsome and bearded, his expressive face and eyes are the agents of the film; exposing his moments of distress, uncertainty and loss of control.”

Nightclubbing (Reissue) • Grace Jones

Disc 1 [rating=5]
Disc 2 [rating=3]
Released April 28, 2014
Remastered and with extra tracks, the classic album Nightclubbing sparkles, even if 5 remixes of ‘Pull Up To The Bumper’ seems like overkill …

“If you don’t already own the original album then this is the version that you should hear. The remastered version is cleaner and louder than before and the longer versions of ‘Walking in The Rain’ and the re-tread of ‘Feel Up’ are essential listening.”

Capsule EP • Velour Modular

Released April 28, 2014
Rich and passionate lyrics are combined with forward-thinking, intelligent production in the exceptional Capsule EP by Velour Modular.

“There is an arresting quality in the way Guilhem and Hektagon have brought their two backgrounds together, fusing them cohesively. Capsule is the first and exciting glimpse of what Annabelle can imagine and execute musically.”

The Vada Advisor Is In

May 14, 2014

The Vada Advisor (a Polari Gok Wan), recommends what to do when in foreign parts ? Polari Safari by David Shenton.


Cert: n/a • France: 58 min • Epicentre films • June 19, 2013

A somewhat old fashioned but thoroughly engaging documentary leaves you wanting more.

“She was, and still is, extraordinarily beautiful. Pruvot acknowledges with classic French insouciance that Bambi and her fellow performers were seen by many in the audience as ‘circus freaks.’”

Food • Kelis

Released April 18, 2014
Drawing on her own rich musical heritage, Kelis continues to excite with the surprising and spirited Food.

“Seen often as an innovator, Kelis is certainly an artist that the world of R&B and Hip Hop cannot seem to contain. “