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Exchange & Mart

May 7, 2014

How do you get into those tight jeans? Polari Safari by David Shenton.

Behind the Velvet Curtain: An Interview with Velour Modular

Behind The Velvet Curtain

Velour Modular is about to release its first EP, the retro-futuristic Capsule. Andrew Darley takes a peek behind the velvet curtain to speak with its mastermind Annabelle Guilhem.

“I tried to write about The Droste Effect between human beings and the rest of the “universe” … we have a whole lot of worlds within us. That’s what interests me.”

Oil & Steel: An Interview with Fredrik Kinbom

Steel & Oil

Fredrik Kinbom’s second album Oil is expressive and cinematic. Andrew Darley talks to him about his creative process and how a drunken encounter on a bus in Brighton brought him to the instrument that has shaped his music since.

“I find it much more expressive than a normal guitar. The fact that there are no frets, its sensitivity to touch, turns it into it a more direct expressive instrument … like the human voice.”

Bad Neighbours

Cert: 15 • US: 97 min • Universal Pictures • May 3, 2014

Bad Neighbours is deliciously evil and utterly hilarious, and features some of the most inventive, wicked and outrageous comedy set pieces in cinema.

“Zac Efron is the real revelation here, however, casting aside his High School Musical roots with magnificent aplomb, delivering an incredibly evil performance as a belligerent fraternity leader.”

Trouble • Hospitality

Released January 27, 2014
Trouble is an uncommon album, as beautiful in its low key way as it is strange. It comes highly recommended.

“As a band, the trio have proved that they are capable of creating music that starts small and, through the use of magical trap doors and beguiling long, twisting corridors, becomes much bigger the more it is experienced.”

Les Beaux Jours (Bright Days Ahead)

Cert: 15 • France: 94 min • Les Films du Kiosque, 27.11 Production • June 19, 2013

Bright Days Ahead (Les Beaux Jours) puts an unrepentantly pleasure-driven, mature female protagonist, centre stage.

“An unabashed vehicle for its fragrant star, the entertaining Bright Days Ahead chimes irresistibly with the current vogue for films exploring ‘Third Age’ experiences.”