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Loved Me Back To Life • Celine Dion

Released September 1, 2013
Sia’s melodies are unmistakable, and Celine’s voice sails over the syncopated drums and strings. It’s match made in heaven.

“‘Love Me Back To Life’ was a complete surprise. I’d heard a rumour it had a “dubstep beat”, which could either have been an amazing decision, or the musical version of “mutton dressed as lamb”.”

Record:BREAKUP Live And Acoustic • Declan Bennett

Released August 19, 2013
Declan Bennett’s superb acoustic rendering of Record:BREAKUP. “Fuck Lady Gaga and her ridiculously painted face, THIS is Art Pop.”

“I was at the recording of this Live and Acoustic album, as the guest of a lovely friend, (I think you can actually hear me “Woo” after ‘The Longer I Leave It’…tragic!) and having loved Record:Breakup I was interested to hear what these beautiful songs would sound like acoustically.”

Plan B at Shepherd’s Bush Empire

90 min • Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London • August 29, 2013

With no swearing, as the gig launched O2’s 4G network, Ben Drew laid on a set of PG crowd pleasers with a twist.

“The crowd around me consisted of Strickland Banks fans, teenage girls, and a middle-aged woman who kept screaming, “Ben, come and sit on my face!” I have no idea how he managed to refuse …”

Three • Charlotte Church

Released August 19, 2013
Three firmly cements Charlotte Church’s transition from pop starlet to ambient siren. A strong collection of beautiful and innovative songs.

“Now on her 3rd self-released EP, titled Three, Charlotte has banished her previous child prodigy persona and undergone a stunning ambient makeover worthy of the most authentic of artists.”

Cumming of Age: Erotica

Cumming of Age: Erotica.

Little bastard in conversation with DJ, David Robson discuss Madonna’s commercial flop Erotica and the event taking place on Sunday August 18 which celebrates this forgotten album whilst raising money and awareness for HIV charity St. Stephens…

“From a young age I used to listen to Like A Virgin and I remember turning round to my Gran and saying, “What’s a virgin?” and my Gran would shit herself…”

Meds • Etta Bond x Raf Riley

Released August 8, 2013
Little Bastard says that it’s the best best EP of the year and he can’t believe it’s free.

“Meds is less harsh than its predecessor, even when the tempo shifts it’s still far more “coming up in the toilets” than “burning a hole in the dancefloor”.”

Alegria • Cirque de Soleil

120 min • O2 Arena • July 18-28, 2013

Alegria is Cirque de Soleil’s masterwork, a dazzling production that is both grand and intimate. A truly magical experience.

“The most enchanting thing about Alegria is its simplicity. Yes, this is massive full scale production, with a beautifully designed moving set, death defying feats and a huge cast of performers, but the most engaging elements come from the intimate moments rather than the larger set pieces.”

Pictures From The Sky • Stokeley

Released August 2, 2013
Pictures From The Sky is one of the most promising new dance EPs of the year.

“Bringing up the tempo, and driving towards us with dance synths, distorted guitars and pounding drums, it washes over me like James Lavelle getting in to bed with Pink Floyd, which can never be a bad thing.”

Wine and Roses • Steven Garrett

Released June 1, 2013
Wine and Roses blends future hip hop with pop soul creating the perfect after hours chill-out album.

“There’s a soul edge to his voice, and a pop edge to the songwriting on display here, which makes him feel like an indie Will Young, if he’d smoked more weed…”

Yeezus • Kanye West

Released June 18, 2013
Yeezus is a brilliant example of exactly how modern music should be – it’s such a mishmash of samples and influences, it covers as many genres as it can.

“This album isn’t for everyone. The music is heavy and distorted, the lyrics are dark and at times heavily sexual, violent or even misogynistic, but to me it’s a brave and bold work that deserves the praise being thrown at it.”