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Favourite Singles of 2013

Films of 2013.

From the end of Hannah Montana and an unlikely duet through to 2.37 seconds of pop perfection, here are DJ David Robson’s Favourite Singles of 2013.

Polari Magazine’s Favourite Exhibitions of 2013


From Britain to Germany and Japan, then on to Tate Britain, this is a list of Polari Magazine’s Favourite Exhibitions of 2013.

Polari Magazine’s Favourite Books of 2013

Books, books, books.

From drag on the streets of Old London to whales at the depths of oceans, this is a list of Polari Magazine’s Favourite Books of 2013.

Clementine’s Top Five most revolting Christmas foods

Christmas 2013 AlternativeTop 5.

Clementine’s alternative Christmas list is an insight into the dolly diva’s Top 5 least favourite foods. Like the Clementine, it is at times a little tart.

“It resembles something you might present to your doctor for investigation. Goodness knows what the diagnosis would be if he found the sixpence.”

Exclusive: Quicksilver Album Stream

The Masquerade Macabre.

A Polari Magazine exclusive, Marcus Reeves’ album Quicksilver streamed before its release on November 5 .

“This collection of thirteen songs makes up a concept album that Marcus describes as ‘a sonic threesome between Aladdin Sane, Hedwig and The Phantom of the Opera’. “

Exclusive: Chase reveals Magdalene Me on Polari

Angst and Raw Emotion.

Chase reveals new album artwork, debut single and track listing for Magdalene Me on Polari Magazine.

“If Lana del Rey had written ‘Video Games’ the morning after a drunken night with Frank Ocean and Trent Reznor, this would have been the result, a song full of soul distorted with neuroses.”

Green Carnation Prize Longlist 2013

Diverse and Literary.

The Green Carnation Prize longlist for 2013 is a diverse and literary one, writes Christopher Bryant, Polari’s editor and one of this year’s judges.

“The longlist for the Green Carnation Prize is announced today, 1 October 2013. It is a challenging, diverse and decidedly literary selection.”

Cumming of Age: Erotica

Cumming of Age: Erotica.

Little bastard in conversation with DJ, David Robson discuss Madonna’s commercial flop Erotica and the event taking place on Sunday August 18 which celebrates this forgotten album whilst raising money and awareness for HIV charity St. Stephens…

“From a young age I used to listen to Like A Virgin and I remember turning round to my Gran and saying, “What’s a virgin?” and my Gran would shit herself…”

The Campfire Compromise: Or How National Decided to Let You in, But Only Until You Turn 18

Gay Scouts, Yes, Gay Scoutmasters, No.

Walter Beck looks at the path to the recent vote by the Boy Scouts of America leadership on the issue of allowing gay scouts into the ranks, and how its compromise is not a solution but a stop-gap.

“What are they going to do when the kid who is gay earns his Eagle and turns 18? Are they just going to tell him, ‘Well you reached the peak, you’re an Eagle Scout, congratulations, now get the hell out of here, you’re no longer welcome’?”

Three Poets

National Poetry Month.

To celebrate National Poetry Month in the US, Polari hears from three poets about what poetry means to them.

“Poetry for me is a powerful tool in my belt as an activist; poetry can distill the fights, hopes, and dreams of those of us fighting for liberty, equality, justice.”