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Me! I Disconnect From You • Grace Jones

Released April 28, 2014
Grace Jones’ cover of Gary Numan’s ‘Me! I Disconnect From You’ is rescued for the reissue of her classic album Nightclubbing..

“Her voice is urgent and panicked here but there is a sadness in her delivery too. But those expecting a possessed ‘She’s Lost Control’ or a’Bullshit’ devouring Grace will not find her here. It isn’t sinister, it is an oddly and unexpected warm sounding arrangement.”

Blank Project • Neneh Cherry

Released February 25, 2014
There are on Neneh Cherry’s Blank Project some bold and invigorating pop song structures. The album feels like an authentic, concentrated version of Cherry.

“Neneh Cherry is back. Her art and soul inform this project, blank only for you to fill the role of listener and to share the very human experiences expressed honestly, courageously and often thrillingly throughout.”

hunting for pearls • iamamiwhoami

Released February 26, 2014
There are very few out there who are creating music and visuals in they way iamamiwhoami do to embody a story that is dynamic, rich and thought provoking.

“‘hunting for pearls’ sparkles and it takes us on another journey. Simply magic.”

St. Vincent • St. Vincent

Released February 24, 2014
St. Vincent has delivered her most accessible, relatable, consistently engaging and sparky album to date. She just keeps getting better.

“The eponymous naming of the album adds credence and a confidence to how much this sounds like it could only be a St. Vincent album. Every second of it could have only come from Annie Clark’s own pen, her lips and guitar.”

Little Red • Katy B

Released February 7, 2014
Katy B’s Little Red is a strong album. She expertly represents youth culture and its associated underground dance music trends.

“‘Next Thing’, the album’s terrific opener, hurls itself at you with its retro beat progression and, in particular, the staggered and broken synth-hook paying homage to Inner City’s ‘Good Life’ and the house music that prevailed at the time.”

Seven • Lisa Stansfield

Released February 10, 2014
Lisa Stansfield’s Seven is an album of beautifully written songs that hark back to her hallmark ’90s soul sound, while remaining fresh and genuine.

“This album is a diverse collection of stories that unfold in varying styles while remaining true to the sonic blueprint of big, bold soul with the discerning, gorgeous Stansfield vocal.”

Chiarascuro • I Break Horses

Released January 21, 2014
Chiarascuro, the second album from I Break Horses, is one of extremes, but does the balance between light and dark work?

“I Break Horses is really about mood and the album title is a clue to the strong contrast between the two sides of the album. The light may be under represented but the point where the two collide can be dazzling.”

Into The Blue • Kylie

4:10 min • Parlophone • March 9, 2014
‘Into The Blue’ is a disappointing first single when earlier preview tracks had indicated otherwise.

“In a U-Turn that can have only been inspired by record executive fear, the announcement that the FIRST single from the album would be ‘Into The Blue’ was made.”

Slo Light • Davidge

Released March 2, 2014
Slo Light is a lovingly detailed melodic album, with Davidge creating a mood that is more night than day.

Slo Light is an album that almost reluctantly reveals itself to the listener and therefore some patience is required”

Teepee V • Eli Van Sickel

Released January 14, 2014
Eli Van Sickel’s Teepee V is his most expansive and diverse albums to date. It’s a complicated album, a mix of humor and sadness, originals and folk songs.

“If Nightlife and Middle West were concept albums, stories of people Eli knew or dreamed of, Teepee V is his autobiography, with him taking center stage.”