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After All EP • Billie Ray Martin

Released July 14, 2014
Billie Ray Martin’s After All EP is one of her most vibrant and self-possessed for some time.

“It’s a little freaky and you can dance to it, which is a perfect combination, and Martin has never sounded better – she is a truly virtuoso performer.”

St. Vincent • St. Vincent

Released February 24, 2014
St. Vincent has delivered her most accessible, relatable, consistently engaging and sparky album to date. She just keeps getting better.

“The eponymous naming of the album adds credence and a confidence to how much this sounds like it could only be a St. Vincent album. Every second of it could have only come from Annie Clark’s own pen, her lips and guitar.”

LGBT History Month Heroes – Day 15

Jayne County, by Rupert Smith.

To celebrate LGBT History Month, 2013, Polari is publishing a daily series of LGBT Heroes, selected by the magazine’s team of writers and special contributors.

“This is the woman who, in the bitterly homophobic ’70s, stood in front of straight audiences looking like Dolly Parton’s trashier daughter, singing songs about sex and difference, making people laugh and think and sometimes fight. .”

Black Tears • Marcus Reeves

3.56 min • Independent • November 5, 2012

From torch song to catchy pop, Marcus Reeves’ debut single ‘Black Tears’ is an impressive debut.

“The lyrics, with their own inherent rhythm, fall and rise in waves over some pretty clever production, which is full and rich with instrumentation, and keeps unfolding, revealing new moments on repeat listens.”

Ghost EP • Sky Ferreira

18.52 min • Capitol • October 16, 2012

The new Sky Ferreira EP is a stark departure from her debut, and an experiment that shows nerve and talent.

“Ferreira refrains from anchoring the record with her own personality; instead she lingers behind the strength of the songs suggesting she may be uncertain of her own musical identity.”

Everybody Hates Madonna

The Sentencing of Madonna.

It seems these days that everybody hates Madonna, writes Little Bastard. But do the critics reveal more about their assumptions and prejudices than they do about her?

“It’s an artist’s raison d’être to challenge the political landscape and this has always been a part of Madonna’s work. As her platform gets bigger and the world slowly gets closer to hell in its hand basket, Madonna’s shows have become more intensely political.”

Space Oddity • David Bowie

Released on July 11th, 1969

A strong re-release package accompanies the 40th anniversary of the Bowie classic.

Classic pop alienation and otherness from Pop’s greatest ever alien other.

Patrick Wolf • One Night in Heaven

UK: 90 min • BandStock.com • Heaven, London

The maestro Patrick Wolf delivers an electric performance.

Patrick Wolf has all the charisma of the great ‘70s glam rock stars with the sensibility of a troubadour, and like all troubadours he has a tale or two to tell.