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Computer Love: An Interview with Milosh

The Body Electric.

Milosh’s fourth album, Jetlag, is an exploration of intimacy. He talks about his songwriting and the journey he has taken making electronic music.

” I’m really trying to personally fight this major label mentality; this commercial ‘let’s just market a product’ approach by getting writers involved and their two cents in because they want it to be a commercial success. I find that whole thing gross.”

Summer Camp • Summer Camp

Released September 9, 2013
Summer Camp’s self-title second album is flawed but fascinating.

“An enjoyable album certainly, but one where the duo’s intentions and a satisfying sense of a musical identity or presence is unclear.”

Samson & Delilah • VV Brown

49:10 min • YOY • September 9, 2013
VV Brown has returned with 11 angry, desolate and soulful songs set against a unsettling, uncompromising soundtrack. It is a startling reinvention indeed.

Samson & Delilah never goes too far, gets too crazy or attention seeking. The measured and meticulous tone and pacing of this album is a very large part of its success.”

Yeezus • Kanye West

Released June 18, 2013
Yeezus is a brilliant example of exactly how modern music should be – it’s such a mishmash of samples and influences, it covers as many genres as it can.

“This album isn’t for everyone. The music is heavy and distorted, the lyrics are dark and at times heavily sexual, violent or even misogynistic, but to me it’s a brave and bold work that deserves the praise being thrown at it.”

Secret Codes and Battleships • Darren Hayes

Released on October 24, 2011

DarrenHayes returns with an album packed full of pop love songs that is wowing critics and fans alike.

“Hayes combines strong lyrics with unforgettable melodies. And this is an album of relentlessly beautiful melodies.”