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Poet to Poet: Walter Beck In Conversation with Stephen S. Mills

He Do The Gay Man In Different Voices

Walter Beck talks Sex, Booze, and Poetry to rising young poet Stephen S. Mills.

“A lot of mainstream gay rights groups like HRC aren’t very supportive of people who don’t play by the rules. I also think the focus on marriage has ignored a lot of other important issues like job discrimination.”

Top 5 Gay Marriage Debate Quotes from the House of Lords

House of Lords Gay Marriage Madness!

The House of Lords is fixed in a rift in time. The talk of ‘gay marriage’ in 2013 brought out the best/worst, as Dame Effie Sprinkle IV has uncovered.

To Have And To Hold

September 4, 2013

The best thing about ‘gay marriage’ is … Polari Safari cartoon by David Shenton.

The Marriage of Northstar and Kyle

A Superhero Same-Sex Marriage First.

The wedding of the X-Men superhero Northstar and his boyfriend Kyle shows a trend for visibility as a result of the equal marriage debate.

“If a child sees a man and woman kissing, they do not immediately think about what they do in bed. What they see is two people being affectionate.”

This Week In The Same Sex Marriage Debate

Only Obama Got The Point.

This week in the same sex marriage debate, Obama came out in support, the Conservative government retreated, and North Carolina voted to ban civil unions and same sex marriage.

“The Conservatives played the blame game, and so the same sex marriage rights that had been on the table before last week’s elections were excluded. Politics is being played with rights, and that is deplorable.”

Are you a MEGA-gay?

Even the gays don’t want equal marriage! Apparently.

Nadine Dorries is opposed to what she calls the Metro Elite Gay Activists, who she says are pushing an agenda that nobody really wants. She sums up the tactics of the new homophobia, writes Paul Baker.

“Just who are these Metro Elite Gay Activists – or MEGA-gays as Nadine Dorries claims? I have this picture in my head of a haughty cartoon gay couple called Ivan and Tarquin, living in a swanky loft somewhere near Primrose Hill.”

Ian McKellen on same-sex marriage

Why should we not aspire to happiness?

In an opinion piece for the Independent, IanMcKellen issues a challenge to Lord Carey and those who oppose same-sex marriage.

57% of respondents reported that other performers were homophobic, 20% point to producers and 37% to backstage crew members.

It’s a nice day for a white wedding

The last stand of the old-style Tories against equality.

Paul Baker writes about that upcoming vote on marriage equality and the bigots it will leave behind.

Despite David Burrowes’ claims of not being homophobic, his “no” vote will be there for future generations to look over, and it will be interpreted as a last ineffectual gasp of mean-mindedness, hurting no-one but the reputations of those who made it.

The Alternative Queen’s Speech 2011

Clementine delivers the one and only Queen’s speech.

Clementine, the Queen of Polari, reflects on her three years as its regina.

Three eventful years have seen me probe gay marriage, and Darren Hayes.

An Equal Love Campaign update: Matthew and Scott

An Equal Love Case update.

David Watters introduces Matthew and Scott, who have challenged the ban on gay marriage.

Both Matthew and Scott feel that, as gay men, they are more in tune with the broader inequality issues of society and that their participation in the Equal Love campaign was inevitable.