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Sliver • Nirvana

Released April 1, 1990
Sliver is the song that saw Nirvana moving towards the melodic hard-edged punk-soaked grunge that would make them famous.

“‘Sliver’ is a thumping melodic rocker, featuring the soft/hard dynamic that became a signature of the band’s sound.”

Hit So Hard

A Documentary about Hole’s drummer, Patty Schemel

This documentary, which Little Bastard lapped up “like a thirsty puppy”, combines behind the scenes footage of when Patty Schemel was with Hole interspersed with up-to-date interview.

“The film is composed of home video footage shot by Patty and other people on her Hi-8 camera, interspersed with interviews with Hole’s other band members, Patty’s family and friends, and a host of talented female drummers. This is the sort of archive footage most music historians would kill for.”