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Introducing: Scale Model

Introducing: Scale Model

Tennessee based Scale Model talk about their latest album Star which is born out of a love of new wave and synth pop music.

“Sometimes it does seem like the system is rigged against normal adults who want to be successful at playing music at least on a part-time level.”

Summer Camp • Summer Camp

Released September 9, 2013
Summer Camp’s self-title second album is flawed but fascinating.

“An enjoyable album certainly, but one where the duo’s intentions and a satisfying sense of a musical identity or presence is unclear.”

An Interview With The Presets

The Presets

Julian Hamilton of The Presets talks to Little Bastard about their album Pacifica, music, their writing process and their gay fans.

“The gay scene were early Presets adopters, and some of the first shows we did in the States were at gay pride and leather marches and stuff.”