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London Pride 2013

London Pride 2013.

A gallery of images from Pride 2013 hosted by Pride in London on Saturday, June 29.

Polari Magazine was there to document the LGBT+ community as they took to the streets to take part in the march, which is at the heart of any Pride event.”

The Night I Pulled… a Girl

Venue and Nationality Confusion.

Gay Relationship Column. Scottie find his very identity challenged when he meets a girl in a gay bar.

“Once she heard my Irish accent, her eyes lit up, telling me how much she loved Ireland and that her ex-boyfriend was from Donegal.”

Whatever Happened to the Alternative Music Scene?

To Be or Not To Be.

Where have all the alternative clubs gone? Where does that leaves the Soho gay crowd who don’t want to listen to soulless remixes?

“It’s always struck me as odd that a subculture that is based on non-conformity could be so … well … conformist.”

World Pride, London 2012

World Pride, London 2012.

A gallery of images from World Pride hosted by Pride London on Saturday, July 7.

“However, nothing spurs on a marginalised community than staring into the face of adversity. The attendance on the march was far greater than I have seen in years and the atmosphere was defiant and joyous.”

An interview with the cast of Dirty White Boy

Dirty White Boy: from blog, to book, to stage.

Christopher Bryant talks with the assistant director and the cast of the play Dirty White Boy in the final days of rehearsals. We talk about settings songs to the action, the underwear scenes, and most important of all the great emotion that is at the heart of the work.

“It’s not a gay play,” Clayton insists. “It’s a social play,” Kat confirms “It’s a commentary on a certain time and a certain place.” Now we’ve really hit on something, and everyone becomes more animated as a result.

Soho Stories • Clayton Littlewood on A Prophet

Clayton Littlewood’s Soho Stories: the film The Prophet

Clayton writes about the film The Prophet, and Sebastian Horsley.

But what was also nice were all the bum shots. There were bum shots in A Single Man but they were arty bum shots. Bums drifting in cloudy swimming pools. Bums lingering seductively in bedrooms. In A Prophet they were ‘dangerous’ bum shots.

Soho Stories • Clayton Littlewood

Clayton Littlewood’s Soho Stories: on writing a column.

Clayton writes about writing a column, and his right testicle.

‘That works for me!’ he replied sweetly, like a 19 year old looking down at Iris Robinson’s naked body as she waves a cheque for fifty grand.

One Year On: Clayton Littlewood

Catching up with Clayton Littlewood one year on.

A year after first interviewing Clayton Littlewood, Polari Magazine talks to the writer about the stage play of Dirty White Boy and the possibilities for a sequel.

When all those celebrities got in contact I thought, ‘That’s it. I’ve made it.’ But when famous people get in contact it’s just like anyone else taking the time out to say they liked your work.