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Hesitation Marks • Nine Inch Nails

Released August 30, 2013
Hesitation Marks, the ninth studio album from the resurrected Nine Inch Nails, is a bold step forward for Trent Reznor.

“Trent Reznor is no longer the angry young man who created the violent masterpieces of Broken and The Downward Spiral, he’s a middle-aged musician who has lived through hell and back and is trying to find his voice again. “


US: 20:10 min • Bootleg • 1993

A transgressive, violent accompaniment to NIN’s Broken EP, The Broken Film is perhaps the most intense twenty minutes ever laid to film.

“An accompaniment to NIN’s Broken EP, the film became notorious for its rumored extreme and violent content; supposedly Trent Reznor’s label wouldn’t release it due to its transgressive nature.”

The Idler Wheel… • Fiona Apple

Released June 19, 2011
Often eccentric but brilliant Fiona Apple releases a startingly new album.

“The resulting album is beautifully bare, almost live sounding in places, allowing you to focus on the confessional lyrics.”