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A Short Requiem Incidentally Featuring Fred Phelps

God Hates Fred Phelps.

Fred Phelps is the face of the God of Hate. As he lies on his death death, Carrick McDonald wrestles with his feelings about this much hated man.

“Give a few dollars to a charity for runaway LGBT youth. These kids have been cast out by the Phelps families of the world who aren’t gutsy enough to scream their convictions outside the cemetery gates.”

God Hates Terre Haute

Holy Hate-Roller!

A (Sort Of) Satirical Review of the Westboro Baptist Church’s 2010 I-70 God Smack Tour, as seen by Walter Beck.

“The Westboro folk made their grand entrance to the fine city of Terre Haute with the heiress herself, Shirley Phelps-Roper taking center stage, with four signs in her hands and a couple of inverted flags tied around her waist (the American flag, Rainbow Flag and I do believe I saw the Vatican flag as well).”

Who Will Rise Up? • Jed Smock

296 pages • Campus Ministry USA • 2nd ed, 1996 [PB]

Walter Beck takes a look at Jed Smock’s right-wing Christian manifesto, which is still doing the rounds and trying to spoil impressionable minds.

“He can’t even talk about them like they’re human beings calling them “sodomites” and even stating, ‘A favorite trick of homosexuals is to get young men drunk and seduce them’.”

Villains: The Hate-Filled Folks at Westboro

The Unbalanced World of Westboro Baptist Church.

They “hate” everything, and see homosexuals and their dread “agenda” everywhere. They seem to think they live in a theocracy, not a democracy, and should be challenged wherever they rear their heads. (No pun intended.)

This sort of conflict is never going to be solved by logical argument. There is always one quotation that can be used to nullify another