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D.A.I.S.Y. Rage EP • Kitty

Released January, 2013
The D.A.I.S.Y. Rage EP is Kitty at her best: current, slick, and in your face.

“Every few years, an artist comes along with a style so unique its almost impossible to describe them. Kitty (formerly known as Kitty Pryde) is one of those artists. “

IDAHO(T) May 17 – Insane or a Migraine?

IDAHOT 2013.

Sean-Michael Gettys on the headache that is doctors who do not understand, or accept, the status ‘transgender’.

“Once again he questioned my transition and I explained the process I’d been going through. When he asked if I had a letter proving I wasn’t insane, I responded affirmatively.”

IDAHO(T) May 17 – Silk Shirt & Tight Pants

IDAHOT 2013.

Jason Carson Wilson writes about the double bind of racism and homophobia, and how that lost him his job.

“My editor found it amusing to find a correlation between the length of my story and the length of my … well, you know. Of course, that’s when he wasn’t labeling me the “angry Black man” EVERYTIME I shared an opinion.”

IDAHO(T) May 17 – Coming Out In A Closet

IDAHOT 2103.

In this story Ira Bohm-Sanchez writes about transitioning in Arizona, the good of it as well as the bad.

“All of the men in this tiny trash closet had directed their attention to our discussion, and I suddenly felt uncomfortable taking part in a dialogue that I normally prance through with ease. Oscar looked at me with a smile on his face as he says, ‘So that means I could fuck you, right?”

IDAHO(T) May 17 – So What If I Am!

IDAHOT 2013.

Musician Andi Fraggs writes about how his school failed to support him when he was mercilessly bullied, and cited Clause 28 as the reason..

“I developed more than a little interest in Madonna. In fact, her music and words would later literally help to save my life. She also helped me to realize from an early point that their was nothing wrong with me.”

IDAHO(T) May 17 – Transphobic Family

IDAHOT 2013.

Jordan Diamant & Aubrey Diamant write about the hateful and terrifying transphobia and homophobia from their family.

“You can expect to be hurt by strangers that is usually a given, but when the act of violence, rage, and humiliation comes directly from a parent or sibling the pain is not comparable to anything I have ever felt before.”

IDAHO(T) May 17 – Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting

IDAHOT 2013.

Eva Monkey writes a lyrical censure of the beer greased lads on a Saturday night, looking for anyone different to make them feel better about themselves.

“And here comes li’l old queerzy, just trying to get home through the sea of drunken malcontents that make up the jazzier parts of East London on a weekend.”

IDAHO(T) May 17 – A Close Shave

IDAHOT 2013.

Phoenix Berliner writes about learning to identify as trans, and the school kids who asked, “is she even a girl?”.

“What the girls had said during that traumatic experience supplied me with the clues needed to assemble my costume for the next few years. The next day, I showed up in my pinkest outfit “

IDAHO(T) May 17 – Turned Down At The Picket Lines

IDAHOT 2013.

Walter Beck writes about how he was turned away from helping out at a Day of Silence demonstration because he was not a well-groomed a-lister.

“They were the pretty boy types; they stood there in their nice khakis and designer jeans, their perfectly laundered polo shirts, with the bright sun reflecting off their gelled hair. They didn’t have a place for the likes of me.”

Meryl Tankard’s The Oracle Competition

The Oracle.

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